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The Crystal Labyrinth

Crystals and Crystal Healing Certification Course

Crystals and Crystal Healing Certification Course

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4 week class located at The Crystal Labyrinth in Huntsville, Tx.

1215a Sam Houston Avenue, Huntsville, Tx  77340

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You will learn:

  • How to use crystals effectively
  • Understand the science behind crystal energy
  • Understand how to use different sized crystals
  • Be aware of fake and man made crystals
  • Use different methods for cleaning and charging crystals
  • How to effectively set an intention
  • Learn the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing properties of specific crystals
  • Understand basic geology in relation to crystals
  • Have a basic understanding of energy
  • Have a basic understanding of quantum physics
  • Understand the difference between raw and polished crystals
  • Obtain an accredited Crystal Energy Healer Certificate
  • Learn why and how crystals assist with healing
  • Understand which crystals to use to bolster healing
  • How to create effective crystal grids for a variety of purposes
  • Learn the basics of Chakras and their associated crystals
  • Choose the right crystals and know where to place them
  • Understand why and how to cleanse healing crystals
  • Learn the wide range of crystals connected to each Chakra and their respective healing qualities/affects

Begins on Tuesday May 21 from 6-8PM

Weekly ending on June 11.

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